november 2015

Halloween - Don't care it's leg day

A bit more than a week ago it was the famous day called Halloween. I have always been looking at this day like whatever, but not anymore. Halloween is kind of big over here. Matter of fact it is enormous in the stats....


This was Halloween at Altis:




Being new member of a team you would like to blend in a bit. Sooooo, when Halloween came around it was no tights and t-shorts on training. But Princess peach was the uniform. And in some ways it was one of the funniest day I have had on training, the vibes was so good that day! The energy was amazing!


On the evening I had a short trip to the city with some friends to just enjoy a Saturday out. And here in the stats they do take this day serious......


- Bella

Welcome to the U.S

I don?t normally blog in English, but since I have followers from all over the world I will give it a try. Even though now and then you will see my magical dyslexia mistakes, so please be kind. I can handle a good laugh, I do it everyday and heard it is pretty good for you. Thank you.
Just another day at the track...

It now past two weeks since I came over the sea to join Altis. It been two amazing weeks, and I cant wait as the days go by to continue this journey. I have joined a team where I can see my self in a lot of the other athletes. Some are where I have been, some are standing in the same shoes as me and some has grown ever more. Here are athletes that I have much to learn from and here is athletes that gives me a smile everyday at the track. I like that we all are here positive, ready for work, and together become stronger. Together be better. The normally ?hi, how are you doing?? where almost nobody care what you answer, here they care. They ask because they really want to know and if they can do something to help they are more than willing to do that. Even thought you might be completely new. I haven?t had it like this before, not in this kindness way.

On training it hasn?t been one day that hasn?t be loud laughs in between all the serious work. Jokes and good comments are sometimes flying all over the place in the very nice summer weather. Sometimes it might be the coaches that has the best one or the most memorable one. For me that have been having problems with motivation earlier this year, I couldn?t be more happy to have this to wake up to every morning. This is awesome! The staff of treatment people, athletic trainers, that are a part of Team Altis is amazing. Many warm big hearts. The safe feeling of having them on the track when I?m training is pretty good, even thought I might not use them. I just feel more calm knowing that I?m in good hands no matter what.

I haven?t started to run hurdle again yet, but we started we drills today. And I can really feel it. And I will most defiantly feel it even more tomorrow haha. So far we have been working on details with my feet and hips, and prepareing the body to soon start running fast again. It has been interesting to learn so much new stuff and knowledge, and also actually go out there and do it too! They are good to lead us, guide us and make us feel safe. Safe to dare, to try, fail and learn. A good heart and some good words is underestimated, the training and the sport is hard enough sometimes. We have been talking about how the best way to make me better is and we both had kind of the same answer. Combination of toughness and kindness. Trust and faith. For athletes like me it can make the different between 13.30 and 12.86 in the 100m hurdles. I?m looking forward what this year can do with both my body and my mind.
- Bella